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To arm everyone as much as possible, and then stay in a tight group while openlydisplaying their weapons. Jason agreed with her from the first. The Judge's argument was that they could still defend themselves if anyone did attack them on the way, yahoo but if someone challenged them about bringing weapons when they arrived, they couldn't deny having any if they carried them openly. Jason was adamant about not giving up their weapons until he was convinced it was safe to do so. But when Nate had pointed out how they would all have their staffs in hand and ready to use if they were jumped even if the walking sticks might look more like crutches buy youtube views than weapons, Jason had gone along. buy youtube views She hoped they were right. They were unable to take everyone even if the Authority did say everyone had to appear in person. Two women and youtube a man, all nursing debilitating injuries with the beginning signs of infections had to stay behind along with another woman with a lesser injury and able to get about enough to see to their needs. Plus, of course, Vonnie wasn't about to take the baby into such uncertainty. She was coming along, but Lazaro was back at the Victorian safely in the arms of a caring nursemaid. She said if the Authority didn't like it--too bad. With Satan staying in the middle between Emmie and Lila, Matti walked beside Nate at the front of the group. She peered out from her shadowy hood at each person they passed, hoping to spot Jamal or Uncle Joe and Jerry...or Woody. She knew these last three members of her family were alive until the invaders landed, but she knew the odds were greatly against them surviving since then. Still, she never gave up hope. As for Woody...not even hope, just wishes. As the Victorian group passed, more and more loners fell in behind them, bedraggled men and women, even several children, all looking as though they yearned for human company they wouldn't buy youtube views have to fight off. Not really joining the larger group, they stayed close enough that they might simply feel the safety of group anonymity. As they approached the school campus, Matti peered about along with the others for signs that all was not as it seemed, but she saw nothing. If ambushers awaited, they were well concealed. Besides, she reasoned, buy youtube views why go to the trouble of an ambush? The first of the two main buildings they came to contained most of the classrooms. It showed signs of internal fires, and the outer walls had been pockmarked and occasionally holed by laser hits, but, like the museum, the gray outer walls of unpainted granite and concrete in massive proportions still appeared mainly youtube intact, unburned and probably habitable. In the next building, like a grand opera hall, Matti recalled the Baroque styled auditorium took up the central areas of all four floors and was ringed by outer rooms on each floor. A raised terrace extended across the entire front and twenty feet out from the building to the first of the dozen steps that buy youtube views led down to ground level. This placed the main entrance and lobby on the second floor and allowed sufficient slope in the auditorium for theater seating plus a balcony with the stage at ground level. It always reminded her of the crystal lined cavity of a geode. Three huge pillars stretched to the roof on either side of the double doors of the entrance. The school board and many parents had pushed for many years to have the old school torn